Gold for Select
May 26, 2022

Select Plant Hire has been awarded gold status for the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Plant Commitment Charter. Those who sign up to the Charter commit to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and to improve air quality through the use of more sustainable construction plant and equipment, (CPE).


In order to gain gold status, Select was assessed against the four commitment areas contained within the Charter, which was developed by the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Plant Group. The four areas of examination are:


* Minimum standards in procurement: where signatories commit to buy or hire CPE that meets or exceeds the minimum standards for air quality and GHG emissions, as laid out in the latest version of the School’s accompanying technical paper 3.


  • * Engagement: members will engage suppliers and contractors up and down the value chain to actively participate in meeting the same minimum standards to contribute towards the Group’s aims.


  • * Awareness raising and education: Signatories commit to providing their supply chain with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to achieve the Group’s shared aims.


  • * Measurement and reporting: Participants will measure progress in reducing their emissions and report them to relevant stakeholders.
  • After being assessed by the School and allocated points against each commitment to gain gold status, Select’s Business Unit Leader Alex Warrington said: “As an industry  we have a moral responsibility to future generations to take steps to find and implement ways of reducing on site emissions now. By Select achieving the gold status it demonstrates how seriously we are taking this responsibility. ”
  • The Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Head of Consultancy & Carbon, James Cadman, said: “It is great to see a major player in the plant community stepping forward and making the public declaration that they are working towards lower and zero emissions equipment.”


The Supply Chain Sustainability School is working with industry partners across the sector to devise plans that will drastically reduce harmful emissions during the construction phase of a project. Their Plant Charter can be read in full here.

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