Select awarded ‘Platinum’ membership status
December 2, 2021

Our clients are set to benefit from a more efficient process when choosing to pre-qualify Select Plant Hire in public sector projects, after our Constructionline membership was upgraded from ‘Gold’ to ‘Platinum’.


Developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and commissioned by the Government, Constructionline ‘Platinum’ status reduces the need for suppliers like Select to complete a variety of pre-qualification questionnaires (PPQ) for different, and in some cases, the same clients. It also allows our clients to easily access consistent information about Select Plant Hire.


Our Business Unit Leader Alex Warrington said: “All public sector buyers are required to pre-qualify their construction suppliers. Attaining ‘Platinum’ status will boost productivity by saving time and money by buyers and suppliers alike.

“By delivering a standardised PQQ format, suppliers can better understand what information is required from them. This will increase consistency between various PQQs and databases as well as help buyers identify suitably qualified contactors.“

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